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Michael Hyatt's Photography
2001 to 2006 Selections porfolio
2001 TO 2006: SELECTIONS
Photographs by Michael Hyatt

From 1986, when I moved to Arizona, to 2000 I mainly made casual photographs of my family while concentrating creatively on my radio show ROUTE 66 and then the Classic Railroad Songs series. I didn't quit photography, just took an extended break. The hiatus ended in mid-1999 as I began seeing the outside world photographically again, and most importantly, finding the inspiration and drive once again to go deeper than the family snapshot. These ten photographs are good examples of my eclectic interests, from the portraits of my children Brenden and Lucinda - Disneyland and legendary radio host Bob Edwards to the study in forms in Shiprock, New Mexico and Equivalent - Homage to Stieglitz. There's mystery in Dreamscape - Dragoon Mountains and humor in Henninger's Tavern - Baltimore and Sign of the Times - Tucson. Email Michael for more info.


Brenden & Lucinda (Disneyland, 2001)
Brenden & Lucinda
Disneyland 2001


Bob Edwards (Altar Valley, AZ 2006)
Radio Host Bob Edwards
Altar Valley, AZ 2006


Dam'd Up & Flooded Out (Colorado, 2001)
Dam'd Up & Flooded Out
Colorado 2001


Equivalent - Homage to Stieglitz (2002)
Equivalent - Homage to Stieglitz


For and Against Michael Moore's Appearance (Tucson, 2004)
Michael Moore and Linda Ronstadt Meet the Press
Tucson 2004


Henninger's Tavern (Baltimore, 2003)
Henninger's Tavern
Baltimore 2003


Part-time Preacher Bruce Keiper & his Civil War Hat (Gila Bend, AZ, 2001)
Part-time Preacher Bruce Keiper & His Civil War Hat
Gila Bend, AZ 2001


Shiprock (New Mexico, 2002)
New Mexico 2002


Sign of the Times (Tucson, AZ, 2004)
Sign of the Times
Tucson, AZ 2004


Dreamscape (Dragoon Mountains, Arizona, 2001)
Dragoon Mountains, Arizona 2001


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